Hold ‘N View Accessory Unit

8″- $8.00 / 12″- $9.00

The convenient Hold ‘N View II Accessory Unit extends the width
of the Hold ‘N View II Copyholder, allowing it to handle extra-thick side-bound books.
The Accessory Unit is available in 8″ and 12″ widths, providing flexibility in the classroom.
The Accessory Unit cannot be used alone, it must be attached to the Hold ‘N View II Copyholder
or the Adapter Unit.

The Adapter

$8.00 each

The Adapter turns the Accessory Unit into a freestanding copyholder for side-bound books.
The Adapter locks onto either the 8″ or 12″ Accessory Unit, creating a copyholder for
everything from single sheets of paper to 1,000 page texts. The Adapter cannot be used
by itself – it must be used with the Accessory Unit.

These are not apropriate for top-bound books.

Wings and Line Guide

Wings- $2.25 / Line Guide- $1.75 ea.

Book Wings are used with the 12″ Accessory unit to hold stubborn soft, side-bound books open.
The Line Guide is used keep your place in a book or text while reading.